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Did you know, one of the best ways to rank in 2017 is to get more online reviews from your customers? Getting more reviews online can generate you thousands of dollars each year.

Getting More Online Reviews & Making More Money:

1. Higher Rankings

Within the last few years, reviews have become a major factor in determining your position with top directories (Yelp) and search engines (Google & Bing). For example, a business website with more real (legitimate) reviews will tend to rank higher than a comparable website with no reviews.

Though there are a number of factors involved with ranking in search results, reviews are one of the most important components. With better rankings in the search engine, you will show up for more potential clients that need your services.

Please be mindful – Creating fake reviews is not recommended and can bite your business in the A**

2. Boost Your Conversions

Plan and simple, the #1 reason why you need to get more online reviews is to rake in MORE MONEY.

Having legit, high quality (detailed) reviews will increase the chance of potential leads calling you for your service. In fact, over 80% of consumers look at online reviews before they choose to do business. Having plenty of positive reviews on your website and social profiles not only gets them calling you, but helps the sales process move quicker, because you’ve already established a level of confidence with them.

3. More Clicks

By having reviews and a positive star rating (4-5 stars), customers will see your listing stand out from the rest and naturally be more inclined to click on your local listing. Especially in the Google Map Pack, which we will get to further down the list.

4. Trust Factor

Trust is always the deciding factor in any potential purchase. Without the consumer trust, you will never get the business. In fact, almost 90% of consumers find online reviews as trustworthy as personal recommendations. Starting to get the point?

review stars

When customers are online looking for a service in your niche, they’re not only looking for someone that can help them, but someone that knows what they’re doing and can get it done the right way. So the more reviews you have, the better!

5. Social Marketing

When you ask a customer to leave you a review, they’ll be more tempted to tell their friends about the experience and share it on their social media. When done correctly, your customers can help sell for you!

6. Improve Your Home services Business

The most important impact from reviews is receiving the feedback. Without feedback, how can your business improve? Luckily, online reviews enable customers to leave honest feedback about your company.


There will always be those very few clients who you can never please, but understanding how you can improve will increase the value of your business and help you generate more revenue! So welcome negative feedback as an opportunity to learn about and improve your business strategies.

7. Back Up Your Claims

It can be downright unfair that contractors are seen in a negative light due to the actions of a few bad apples, whose only purpose is to rip clients off. But hope is not lost, having reviews that you can share with potential customers only helps to prove that your company is the real deal.

Testimonials on 3rd-Party sites such as Yelp are viewed as more reliable than ones that you provide the client yourself, so make sure you reference these when you are talking to your clients.

8. Validate Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth is still the #1 way that people get business. However, many people still research the company online before making a decision.

Being validated is what reviews are all about, and after hearing that you do awesome work, your customers will want to see that it has been the case multiple times. The best way to validate a word of mouth reputation is to have a strong customer service policy in place, as well as holding your service technicians to a high standard of excellence.

9. Dominate Your Competition

Look at the difference between the three Google My Business placements below:

google map review

Which one stands out more to you? Are the first 2 getting people to call them? No probably not compared to AquaGuard – sorry guys.

Having reviews is the way to go, when you want to stand out from competitors.

10. Fix Problems Immediately

Reviews should be used as a method of feedback. If used correctly, your clients will keep your staff accountable by letting you know which employees are doing well and which ones are not.

Your customers can provide you with instant feedback regarding who is doing what and allow you to correct the problem immediately! Make it a priority to reply to all reviews promptly and courteously, whether they’re good or bad!


11. Use It In The Sales Process

Make sure to highlight your great reviews when you talking about your services with a potential client. Not only is it an additional talking point, but it also shows off that you are proud and stand behind the work that you do!


Don’t Get Left Behind

Remember getting reviews should be #1 in your marketing strategy, if not, you will be left behind and lose to your competitors. Start asking for reviews today and start increasing your online presence.

Make sure to train your entire team on how to get more online reviews!

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Word of of the most essential tools for any functioning business, especially in the Home Services niche. One enthusiastic customer can talk you up so much to their friends or associates that they call you to have the same thing or something similar done to their home. While that’s a huge compliment and awesome way to get business, it should never be relied on to be the main source of business. So how exactly will potential customers find you to the point that there’s a consistent stream of new business?  Well, it’s all about lead generation.

man on phoneAlso called a referral, a lead is a person who is interested in hiring you to do work for them. Leads allow you to skip cold-calling, advertising, or waiting on that satisfied customer from last week to recommend you to their friend. When you receive a lead, you have the confidence of knowing that they’re interested in what you offer. Still, it’s never a guaranteed deal — it’s up to you to answer your phone, follow up with them if they don’t answer your call and most important…close the deal.

Lead generation companies like ThriveOne specialize in connecting homeowners seeking to have work done with contractors seeking new customers. We generate leads. Typically, leads are priced at a flat rate  and it’s up to you to decide how many you want to get. It’s important for you to understand what these referrals are, though. They’re people who have shown that they are interested in a service you perform. This does not necessarily mean that every single lead will turn into a sale, but if you follow our guidelines, you’re going to see a return on your investment.

Some referrals will say no after talking with you, because that’s just the way it goes. Buyers like to shop around. They may have just been curious, or they may be planning on getting the work done at a later time and are only in the beginning stages of the project. Sometimes, they aren’t the decision makers. You can’t please everyone, and being upset about it is only going to make you look silly and demanding. The best thing to do is to graciously take “no” for an answer and tell them to look you up if there is ever a point when they can use you. Word of mouth will still work this way, as they might refer you to a friend because you were pleasant and helpful on the phone.

Lead generation is absolutely essential for the success of your contracting business, and ThriveOne prides itself on helping contractors succeed by getting leads and growing their business.

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