Contractor for the Federal Government

ThriveOne is an Veteran Owned Small Business as established by the U.S. Government.  As such, we scan the Federal Government’s websites searching for solicitations for bids on U.S. Government contracts that have been set-aside specifically for small businesses such as ourselves.  Once we identify a qualifying opportunity, our team of researchers tracks down the manufacturers, distributors, and whenever possible, local to the job-site small business owners who might be able to provide the product that the US Government is requisitioning.  Ideally we seek to get 3 – 5 quotations on each individual item, but in the case of direct purchasing from the manufacturer that is obviously impossible.  Once the quotes are in, our office team calculates our best offer and effectuates the necessary paperwork to enter our proposal for consideration.  

Once our bid has been chosen, we work with the supplier to have the product delivered on time and to the proper address.  We work with the supplier to set up credit terms for 30 days net.  Once all items are delivered we confirm delivery and acceptance with the contract officer.  Invoices are then immediately submitted to the government payment office.  Once the funds are transferred, outstanding invoices for product are paid